AWS Config Updated, Moved out of Preview

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), updated its AWS Configur cloud configuration service and removed the project from preview status.
The fully managed security-and governance configuration service offers users resource inventory, configuration history, and change notifications.
AWS Config allows you to find existing AWS resources, export a complete AWS resource inventory with all configuration details, and determine the configuration of a resource at any time. These capabilities allow compliance auditing, security analysis and resource change tracking.
AWS also removed the service from preview status and added new regions to support it. AWS also made other enhancements, such as the ability to record calls in AWS CloudTrail to the Config API. This records API calls to AWS CloudTrail and delivers log files.
Jeff Barr, a company executive, wrote yesterday that AWS Partner ServiceNow was ready to talk about how they used Config’s information to drive their Configuration Management Databank (CMDB).
Barr, who wrote the first blog post about AWS Config last January during the company‚Äôs reInvent conference, goes into great detail about how to use it in his blog post. His discourse was framed in relation to “the dynamicity of AWS cloud” and how organizations face new challenges regarding asset tracking, inventory management and change management when moving their operations to the cloud.

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