AWS Contributes Lumberyard To Linux Open 3D Foundation

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a contributor to the Linux Foundation’s new Open 3D Foundation, has renamed it the Open 3D Engine.
O3DE was released as open source under the Apache 2.0 license. It is based on Lumberyard. However, much of it was reportedly rewritten. The new version of O3DE is an open-source, real-time, multiplatform 3-D engine that allows developers and content creators the ability to create AAA games, high-fidelity simulations, and cinema-quality 3-D worlds without any fees or commercial obligations.
The Open 3D Foundation was created by the Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization. It is intended to “accelerate developer collaboration on 3D simulation technology.” Its main purpose is to support open-source projects that “advance capabilities related to 3D graphics and rendering, authoring, development, and development.”
The Open 3D Foundation was established with a clear goal in mind: to enable developers to work together on building games and simulations as well as to improve the underlying engine. The new foundation will have a governing board that makes business and budget decisions, and a technical steering group that focuses on technical strategy and community management. It will further be organized into Special Interest Groups, (SIGs), which include a Build/Dev pipeline, Simulation Engine and Content Creation, Network, Cloud, Presentation, Documentation/Demo Release, Security, and Testing.
The foundation states that the O3DE community welcomes contributions by all cloud providers, gaming companies, as well as industries to help advance the project.
Developers and content creators can create a variety of virtual experiences using 3-D engines. They include animation, content authoring tools and asset processing.
According to the Amazon Game Tech Team, many developers are looking for ways to build intellectual property on top an open source engine that allows the roadmap to be easily visible, openly governed, and collaborative to the entire community. O3DE is a new ecosystem that allows content creators and developers to create, share, and distribute immersive 3D worlds. It “will inspire their users with rich experiences, which bring the imaginations their creators to life.”
The team stated in a blog post that they have heard from simulation and game developers that they want more options that allow them to collaborate, customize, and take creative control of their production lines. Building 3D tools from scratch can be costly, time-consuming, and expensive to maintain. These developers end up spending critical dollars to reinvent the wheel or using proprietary solutions that are difficult to customize.
“We believe that creating an open-source, community-driven, first-class option for real-time 3D design will revolutionize real time 3D development, just as Linux did for operating system and Apache did for web,” stated Bill Vass, vice-president of engineering at AWS in a statement.
AWS is not the only founding member of the Open 3D Foundation. Others include: AccelByte and Adobe, Apocalypse Studios. Carbonated. Futurewei. Genvid Technologies. Hadean. HERE Technologies. Intel. International Game Developers Association. KitBash3D. Kythera AI. Red Hat. SideFX. Tafi. TLM Partners. Wargaming.
These members contribute funding and resources to the foundation in the same way as the original governing members. Jim Jeffers, senior principal engineer and director of Intel Advanced Rendering and Visualizatio, stated that Intel is contributing “a wide range of Intel’s advanced photographic and high-performance visual tech”.

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