AWS Launches SaaS Partner Program to Court ISVs

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has increased the ante for partners who use AWS cloud to build or grow their Software as a Service solutions (SaaS).
The cloud giant announced Thursday the launch of its SaaS Partners Program. This program aims to provide “architecture best practices, cost optimizations, deep technical training and product development credits” to independent software vendors (ISVs) who are looking to build SaaS products using the AWS platform. Terry Wise, vice-president of the AWS Worldwide Partnership Ecosystem, made the announcement in a prepared statement.
According to the AWS Partner Network (APN), there are currently more than 100 partners enrolled in this program. These include Sumo Logic and Infor, Informatica and Splunk. Software AG, Tibco. MicroStrategy. Looker. Qlik. And Works Applications.
AWS defines listed partners as those who have “all-in,” on AWS. The blog stated that partners don’t have to be “all-in” to participate in SaaS Partner Program. However, the program is designed to attract and help ISVs that “treat AWS like a priority platform for customers to use their software.”
All APN members who plan to use SaaS applications or have them already can apply for the SaaS Partner Program. It offers three levels: “Learn,” “Build” and “Grow.” To receive more program benefits, partners can move up in the ranks.
These benefits include education materials, guidance on best practices, training opportunities, certification opportunities, Innovation Sandbox credit to develop and test SaaS solutions, access content, funding for go to market campaigns, lead generation campaigns, and many more. Below is a table that outlines the benefits available to each partner level.
[Click on the image to see a larger version.] The benefits and levels of the SaaS Partners Program. (Source: AWS.)
AWS stated that additional benefits are planned for 2015 and added to the program.
Thursday’s launch for the SaaS Partner Program coincided perfectly with the AWS Summit in New York. For a complete roundup of AWS product announcements, see David Ramel’s article.

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