Cloud-Based vs Self-Hosted Project Management Tool

Which is better, self-hosted or cloud ActiveCollab? What is self-hosting?
Self-hosting allows you to install and access software on your own server (e.g. Google Docs or Gmail). Cloud as an alternative to self-hosting
You can also use our cloud instead of self-hosting. All you have to do is log in to This is great for small teams who don’t have the time or resources to manage system administration. The cloud allows you to simply use ActiveCollab as you wish, with no overhead costs and no need to worry about maintenance. This is a popular choice for small businesses with limited budgets. They share development and maintenance costs which are much lower than if they choose to self-host ActiveCollab. Self-hosting is available for organizations that have the resources to manage their server. This is the only solution available for companies that have strict privacy policies and prohibit them from sharing data with third-party servers.
Data Security
Cloud: Security is a top priority for cloud-based apps. You can be confident that your business data will be protected by choosing the right company with great recommendations. As their business depends on cloud service providers, they do everything possible to ensure that data is safe and secure. This way, users who just wish to log-in and start working don’t have to worry about data integrity and security.Self-hosted: Self-hosted solutions are placed on your own servers, where you are in control. You control the setup, bandwidth, storage, security, and level of security. This is important for companies who have very strict data exposure and storage policies; such rules narrow down their choices regarding management tools to either using an in-house project management tool or ActiveCollab.Maintenance
Cloud: You may not even know that there is an update. You always have the latest and most stable version. The cloud version is for you if you don’t have the technical skills or time to manage the system. Some people don’t like the idea of doing the upgrade by themselves because of the potential problems that could arise. Upgrades can sometimes be frustrating, even if tech support is available.
People in the creative industry are particularly concerned about storage. Design, media production, architecture and design companies often have large files. However, you can still use the cloud services if you need to store large files.

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