Domain 8 of CEH – Cloud Computing

Domains of CEH
Information Security and Ethical Hacking Overview – 6%
Reconnaissance Techniques-21%
Phases of system hacking and Attack Techniques-17%
Network and perimeter hacking-14%
Web application hacking-16%
Wireless network hacking – 6%
Mobile platform, IoT and OT hacking – 8%
Cloud Computing 6%

We will be discussing the eighth domain of CEH, ‘Cloud Computing.
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing provides services such as databases, software, intelligence, and storage over internet to facilitate faster innovation, scale economies, and flexible resources.
Let me tell you about life without Cloud Computing to help you understand the importance of cloud computing. Let’s say you want to host a website. You will need to purchase a lot of servers, manage traffic, and maintain the servers. To do this, you will need extra money as well as extra human resources.
Servers can be very expensive if you take into account the cost.
It can be time-consuming to troubleshoot server issues. This can lead to a decrease in efficiency.
Your servers will be in a good state because traffic changes from time to another.
It is always a problem to store a lot of data.
Cloud computing was created to solve these problems.
Cloud computing simply means that there is a lot of space online that can be used to store, process, and access data whenever you want.
What is cloud computing?
Instead of buying infrastructure and data centers, companies can rent storage, applications, or other functions from cloud providers.
Cloud computing services allow companies to avoid the initial cost and complexity of maintaining their IT infrastructure. Instead, they only pay for what they use.
Cloud computing service providers can enjoy significant economies of scale by offering the same services to a wider range of clients.
Here are some examples of cloud computing
Here are some examples of cloud computing that we use every day.
Zoom: Zoom is an audio and video mobile app that uses cloud-based audio and visuals. It can be used on both iOS devices and Android. Zoom allows you to join or start a meeting.
Online users can use Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs. You can use Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs for presentations, data storage, and maintenance.
Aws Lambda is a platform that allows developers to execute code, without having to manage backend servers or provide server support. Pay-as-you go scales with an organization to adjust to changes in data storage and use in real-time.

Cloud computing: The benefits
Cloud computing is much cheaper than traditional computing. Cloud computing is much cheaper than buying servers and computers. Also, there is no need for technical staff to maintain the servers.
Speed: Cloud computing services are often self-service and available on-demand. This means that large amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes.
Security: Most cloud providers offer a variety of policies, controls, or technologies that will improve your overall security posture. These include protecting your data, apps, infrastructure, and data. Data saved in the cloud is safer than files, videos, or images on our own devices.
Cloud computing is reliable because data can be mirrored at multiple redundant locations within the provider’s network. This makes backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier and more affordable.
Performance: Many cloud computing services are run on highly secure data centers that are constantly upgraded to the most efficient and fast computing hardware. Applications run faster as a result.

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