Explore the Upgrade from VMware vSphere. Install, Configure and Manage 6.5 to 6.7 VMware vSphere. ICM 6.7 is the foundation of most other VMware technologies in a software-defined data centre. The most recent update to 6.5 introduces important new features and enhancements.

Michael Rausch – Sales Engineer, IBM, VMware, Nutanix, Veeam

Michael Rausch, a combat-tested technology veteran, enjoys mentoring and coaching as much as writing and speaking. His current passions include teaching consultative selling skills to identify and overcome objections, build relationships, and turn cold canvassing into opportunities. Rausch is known for being a strong negotiator and close who is skilled in communicating the benefits of products/services to customers and generating interest. He enjoys teaching techniques that enable sales teams to quickly master, master, and sell new products. VMware vSphere: ICM6.7 is the foundation of all other VMware technologies in the software defined data center. The latest update to 6.5 introduces important new features and enhancements. This webinar will cover: vSphere Client Server Converge Tool Enhancements For HCI and VMware vSAN vMotion Q&A VMware vSphere – Install, Configure and Manage [V6.7] VMware VMware vSphere – Optimize and Scale (V6.7]

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