Finally, I feel like a PM…

This post is also late. It won’t be a regular routine, but here’s a warning: I’m taking the sleeper train from Nice late Sunday night so I don’t think I’ll have the time to write anything.
One reason for my tardiness is that I finally feel like a ‘proper project manager’. I have a complete plan. Developer who has begun work. Weekly reports. A risk log. My Sponsor has approved the August delivery date. Hurrah! All is well in the world LDAPs.
Sometimes projects are slow-burning and then suddenly they take off. One example is an IT project that took 2 years to get off of the ground, and was launched in just 8 months. The project was delivered on time and within budget. However, it wasn’t enough time to prepare and convince the leaders. Plans to decommission the system were made quickly. Sometimes it’s better that way.
Do not be discouraged if your project takes some time to get off the ground. A slow burn can be more effective for some projects. It gives you the chance convince others that it is the right thing and the right person to do. The fact that the project is inevitable makes it part and parcel of office furniture. People will expect you to deliver what they want. It gives you the time to realize that your project is a waste of time. No matter how well you implement it it will fail at the first hurdle. You can give credit if the project does succeed.

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