Free Migration of WordPress from BlueHost To AWS !

It can be a tedious and time-consuming task to migrate WordPress installations from BlueHost to AWS. Many companies have asked us for help migrating their WordPress installations from BlueHost to AWS.
This gave rise to the idea of creating a solution that would make this migration easy and simple for everyone.
So, we are extremely proud to launch our new initiative, which is totally FREE!
This platform was created to facilitate seamless and hassle-free migration of web properties from different sources to Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services).
We are thrilled to announce our first offering under this initiative: Migrate WordPress From BlueHost To AWS.
This application will assist you in migrating existing WordPress websites hosted on BlueHost to Amazon Web Services. It takes only a few clicks. This application will require credentials from the source site, i.e. BlueHost will require credentials from the source site, i.e. IP, Username, and Password. This application will also need the Access Key and Secret Access Key from an existing AWS account to validate it.
Let’s take a look at this application.
Below is a snapshot of the Home Page, where you can login with your facebook credentials. Your credentials will not be stored anywhere by this application. Logout from this application and all login information will be deleted. You will need to enter your credentials again the next time.

After successful login, it will ask you for your BlueHost credentials to verify that WordPress is installed on the source site.

If there are multiple WordPress installations on your source site, the application will allow you to choose which WordPress site needs to be migrated to Amazon Web Services.

To migrate your WordPress site from WordPress to Amazon Web Services, you will need to provide the Access Key ID (or Secret Access Key) of your AWS account.

You will need to select AWS Region and Key-Pair in order to build the infrastructure you need.
The application will then prompt you to fill in the following fields.
AWS Region: This is where you specify the geographic location or region in which you would like this infrastructure to be built.
Key Name: You must specify the name of a key pair that is already in existence in the region. The key pair must also be uploaded.
Type of Instance: This is where the instance type of your server must be chosen.
DB Type: Here you will need to specify the instance type of the MySQL database.
DB Capacity – Here you can choose the storage size that you want for your database.

Your choice of migration infrastructure will affect the performance of your WordPress application. Click NEXT for more information and to begin the migration.
The next question is: How do you choose the right Database and EC2 instance type based on a specific use case? AWS offers a variety of EC2 instance types that are suitable for different use cases. You can adjust the storage, region, input / output operations according to your needs. You can also choose the type of instance for your database according to your requirements. These useful links will help you choose the right instance type.
Register to your AWS account to create a key pair if you don’t have one.
You may need to migrate a WordPress site, for example.
Region : Singapore
Key-Pair : xxxxx.pem
Type of Instance: t2.micro
DB Type – t2.micro
Storage: 10GB
Once you have completed the next step, the application will prompt for confirmation via dialog box. Here you can confirm that you are happy with the infrastructure.
After the confirma

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