Global Knowledge Are you struggling to analyze and present your organization’s data in a meaningful and engaging manner? Excel is no longer sufficient for you. Microsoft Power BI may be the answer you are looking for. Power BI is a powerful analytics tool that can be used to analyze data and share insights. This webinar will teach you how to use your data and create dashboards from it. Business users will be able to see 360-degree views of their most important metrics in one place. This view is updated in real-time and accessible on all devices. You can also add visuals to make complex reports more engaging.

Greg Lutes

Greg Lutes has been a technical consultant and trainer for over 20 years. Greg has extensive knowledge of many types and models of server and desktop software. He is a recognized expert in SharePoint and Office 365 technologies. His calm demeanor, passion for technology, and practical knowledge allow him to provide engaging and productive learning experiences for all who attend. This webinar will demonstrate how to: Connect to your existing data Create and share reports. Distribute your work. Use additional types of data Import and analyze web pages using Power BI Desktop. Use natural language to create visualizations. Where to find support Download new visuals. Stay up-to-date easily

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