How to Write a Project Statement of Work: Template and Example

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The SoW (statement or scope of work) is a powerful tool in the arsenal of project managers’ tools. It is the best because a statement or work (SoW), is often the only piece of documentation that can save you from a lot of trouble. A statement of work can be very difficult to produce. Even a small mistake can have huge repercussions.
This guide will help you create a powerful statement of work that will be your greatest weapon. We will provide you with a template for a statement of work and a scope of work example to help you create your own statements.
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What is a Statement of Work?
Why is a SoW important?
Statement of Work Template
What is Project Scope?
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What Should a SoW Contain?
SoW Example
How detailed should a SOW be?
When is the best time to start a sow?
How to Create a SoW
How to Use a SoW
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What is a Statement of Work? Definition of a Statement of Work
Let’s begin with the basics: What exactly is a SOW?
Why do we keep switching between these terms–statement, scope, and SoW?
SoW stands for Statement of Work in project management. Scope of Work can also be abbreviated as SoW (sometimes SOW or sow).
Simply put, a SoW (or statement of work) is an agreement between a client, agency, contractor, or other service provider that specifies what’s included in a project.
Why is a Statement of Work Important?
SoWs offer the additional detail that cost estimates or project plans often don’t provide to explain exactly what’s being done, and what’s not.
This is where you put the meat of the project together. You also have the opportunity to discuss the details of your project.
Although it is a lot of work, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It will help you refine your approach. You’ll likely end up changing your estimate and your timeline by creating a statement.
This level of detail gives clients reassurance and ensures there is a shared understanding of the project’s outcome.
This is as close as you can get to being a project manager to being an attorney! The statement of work is the bible for both the client and agency in determining what’s “in-scope” and “out-of-scope”.
This is important because the statement of work is the basis for determining the cost of the project. It will save you a lot of time later on in a project if you have a good statement of work.
Scope of Work Template
While there are many scope of work templates available online for projects, many of them can be confusing and more than we will ever need for digital projects. These templates can be quite confusing, especially if you’re trying to fill out a huge project scope document that you don’t actually need.
You must strike a balance between being detailed enough and producing a scope that is both quick to produce and robust, but not so complex that it takes two weeks to complete.
We have the perfect template for you whether you are looking for a statement or scope of work template. This detailed Statement Of Work (SoW), template is instantly downloadable and fully editable.
Statement of Work Template
It consists of two parts. The first section provides information about the overall project. The second section describes each phase in detail and can be extended.

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