Humanize your team’s resourcing process to boost long-term culture (with Morgan Megannety, Skeleton Crew Creative Studio – The Digital Project manager

Morgan Megannety, guru of agency operations, shares tips and tricks to humanize your team’s resourcing process and improve long-term culture.
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That piece of work was supposed to be approved yesterday. Well, it didn’t get approved. Now, you are scrambling for an idea of what your team will be doing next week. A pile of front-end amendments has been submitted from another project. Sonia is available, however she doesn’t use React. Rishi could manage it, but he has trouble managing more than one project at once. Arlen will likely have to do it even though he was relying on the new project to keep his job interesting. He’s now a bit of an entrepreneur. Why aren’t the puzzle pieces always just fit? If you’re familiar with the high-stress game that is resourcing Tetris, then keep listening. We’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you filter out the noise and keep things human so that your short-term decisions can be balanced with the long-term health and well-being of your team culture. We appreciate you tuning in. Galen Low is The Digital Project Manager. We are a group of digital professionals who want to help each other become more skilled, confident, and connect so we can deliver better projects. If you want to hear more about that, head over to
Hey, everyone! Thank you for joining us on the DPM Podcast. My guest today is a former project manager and now a guru in agency operations. Her experience in running large UK agencies smoothly has been over a decade. She was also named employee of the decade once she had. She used to make stained-glass in a three-by-3 shed in her backyard, and she recently gave her cat the corner office in her new Vancouver home. Today she will share her top tips for managing multiple concurrent projects and coordinating team resources. I’m sure many of our listeners are still struggling to understand this. Morgan Megannety, welcome! Morgan, welcome!
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Hey Galen. How are you?
I’m fine, thanks for joining the show. It was great to have you.
It’s great to be here. Thank you so much for inviting us in.
Today we will tackle a topic that is always a hot topic. They tell me all about their problems and how they manage to schedule multiple concurrent projects. This includes sharing resources, making PMs easy to work with, and keeping operations running smoothly. This is a difficult puzzle that many people struggle with. I’m excited to get started. First, let me say that I have enjoyed our recent chats. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. It’s been a lot fun. You seem to me like someone who is really motivated by what you do, but you also have what I consider a very stressful job. You mean keeping a busy agency running at breakneck speed.

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