Is AWS worth it?

We live in an age of data. Databases are essential for sales and production. Even small to medium-sized businesses can have large data requirements. As relational and non-relational database options become more powerful and versatile, companies are finding that they need someone to help them navigate all the options. The AWS Certified Database Specialty certification will allow you to understand all aspects of the AWS database service, as well as how to connect it with specific data workloads. This will make you a valuable advisor for companies that rely on them.
A more general certification may show proficiency in a wide range of responsibilities that database administrators might need to know. The AWS Certified Database Specialty certification can be used by database professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge in the design, development and maintenance of purpose-built databases. AWS Database certs can be used to recommend, design, and maintain custom AWS databases for any business problem.
What is the AWS Certified Database (AWS Certified Database)?
AWS Certified Database-Specialty is a certification that certifies specialized expertise in all aspects of their database offerings. AWS states that the certification does not apply to any job or traditional position in an IT department. It validates a database professional’s knowledge of databases. This advanced certification is for professionals who design, manage, deploy, access and maintain databases.
The AWS Certified Database Specialty is a highly respected certification that demonstrates your ability to design a database solution from scratch. Some database certifications, even those from AWS, focus on maintaining or implementing specific database solutions. This cert, however, is not for you. It validates your ability assess the top-to-bottom needs of a company and create a custom database solution using creative combinations from all AWS’ relational or non-relational offerings.
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Start trainingWhat is the DBS-C01 Exam?
To earn the AWS Certified Database Specialist certification, you will need to pass the DBS-C01 exam. The exam consists of five main sections. AWS is an acronym for the sections of the exam known as “Domains”.
Domain 1: Workload-specific database design – 26%
Domain 2: Migration and Deployment – 20%
Domain 3: Management & Operations – 18%
Domain 4: Monitoring & Troubleshooting – 18%
Domain 5: Database Security – 18%

The domain names reveal the scope of this certification: From determining what type of work an organization requires to set it up and monitoring for problems, all the way through to setting it up, this cert is business.
How Much Does the AWS Database-Specialty Exam Cost?
Only one exam is required to earn the AWS Database – Specialty. It costs $300 to take the DBS-C01 exam. Although there are no prerequisites for the AWS Database-Specialty, it is widely accepted that it is too difficult to pass without experience or practice.
Two certifications are available earlier in the AWS track: the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (which is $150) and the Solutions Architect Professional (399). The two Solutions certifications will be helpful in preparing for AWS Database. However, there are many things that the Solutions certs do not cover.
What experience do you need to become certified in AWS Database?
The AWS Certified Database-Specialty cert is one the most difficult AWS certs. It should not be taken lightly. Although the certification doesn’t require any prerequisites, it is possible to pass the exam without training in all AWS database solutions.

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