Microsoft Recommends You Update to Windows 10

Microsoft really wants you to update to Windows 10. So far,it has offered the OS for free for users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. However, the tech giant is taking yet another step towardmaximizing Windows 10 use across the globe.
In a blog post about the company’s plans for the OS, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 will very soon be seen as an “Optional Update” in the Windows Update menu. Within the next year, Microsoft plans to upgrade this option to a “Recommended Update.”
Why now?
A big reason behind this move is likely Microsoft’sintended goal for Windows 10 use. Terry Myerson, the company’sExecutive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, stated that Microsoft plans to get Windows 10 on 1 billion devices within two to three years.
That is a huge download rate that has never really been seen before in the industry. And although Microsoft has had a fantastic first few months for Windows 10, the company certainly has a very long way to go if it wishes to accomplish this goal in the next few years.
Windows 10 is currently on 110 million devices, which is an absolutely fantastic start for an OS that had to follow the marginal failure of Windows 8. However, Microsoft has quite a lot of ground to cover before it gets a billion downloads.
This billion-device goal is most likely a big factor behind why Microsoft will be marking Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update.”
As the blog states, depending on your settings, your device might automatically download Windows 10 once it’s displayed as a “Recommended Update.” So while there will certainly be a lot of people taking this opportunity to download the OS of their own free will, there will also be a portion of Windows users who simply download it by accident.
Of course, this doesn’t mean these users will be stuck with Windows 10 forever. The company madea note thatanyone can decline the update, and if they don’t like it they can revert to their prior version of Windows within 31 days.
Microsoft has big plans for Windows 10.However, knowing the general laziness of many computer owners, coupled with the high level of customer satisfaction Windows 10 has been garnering, many of these people who accidentally download the update might simply decide to keep it. And that’s good news for Microsoft.
What does this mean for Microsoft certificate holders?
As Microsoft trucks its way towardits goal of a billion devices running Windows 10, every Microsoft certified professional can rest easy knowing that the value of their training will most likely only go up from here. Receiving a Microsoft certificate allows you to leverage Microsoft’s success in your favor.
Microsoft’s name alone on your resume will stand out in a world where a billion devices are running its operating system, not to mention the invaluable knowledge you’ll have in working with those devices. If you’re at all interested in using Microsoft’s ambitious goals to advance your career, definitely make sure to check out the list of Microsoft certified training courses offered by New Horizons Computer Learning Centersof Southern California and Southern Arizona.

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