Project Management Scholarships, Scholarships and Scholarships, Oh My!

Are you planning to go to school for project management or any other level of post-secondary education? Would you like to?
Opportunity is waiting! Scholarships for project management are available!
This was already sent to my Project Management Career Coaching newsletter. I want to share it now on the blog as well.
There are many awards that you can compete for, and they range from $1000 up to full tuition.
The time is running out!
Application Deadline: 1 June 2011
TypeAmount up toArea of FocusScholarship Nameand CriteriaScholarship DonorGFull tuitionDoctor of Business AdministrationPMIEF Academic Scholarship Program at UMTUniversity of Management and TechnologyGFull tuitionOnline Master’s Degree ProgramPMIEF Academic Scholarship Program at UMTUniversity of Management and TechnologyU/G35% of full tuition, severalUndergraduate and Graduate Degree ProgramsPMIEF Academic Scholarship Program at UMTUniversity of Management and TechnologyU$10,000Bachelor of Science in Project ManagementColorado Technical University – Colorado Springs Campus Only ScholarshipColorado Technical UniversityU/G$7,500Project Management related(four scholarships)Dr. Harold Kerzner ScholarshipsInternational Institute for LearningU/G$3,000Project Management relatedPMI Arabian Gulf Chapter ScholarshipPMI Arabian Gulf ChapterU/G$3,000Project Management relatedCharles Lopinsky MemorialScholarshipPMI Orange County ChapterU/G$3,000Acquisition Management and Project ManagementThe Gaylord E. (Gary) Christle ScholarshipPMI College of Performance ManagementU/G$2,500Project Management relatedBishop/Kloch Memorial ScholarshipPMI Baltimore ChapterU/G$2,500Project ManagementThe James ?Jim Rankin Memorial ScholarshipPMI Dallas ChapterU/G$2,500Project ManagementPMI Central Iowa Chapter ScholarshipPMI Central Iowa ChapterU/G$2,500Project ManagementPMI Delaware Valley Chapter ScholarshipPMI Delaware Valley ChapterU/G$2,500Project Management related (two scholarships)PMI Mass Bay Chapter ScholarshipPMI Mass Bay ChapterU/G$2,500Project Management RelatedPMI North Carolina Chapter ScholarshipPMI North Carolina ChapterU/G$2,500Project Management relatedPMI Nova Scotia Chapter ScholarshipPMI Nova Scotia ChapterU/G$2,500Project ManagementWayne K. Latham Project Management ScholarshipPMI Dallas ChapterU/G$2,000Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs (three scholarships)Capella University Scholarships in Project ManagementCapella UniversityG$2,000A Master?s level degree with a Concentration in Project ManagementColorado Technical University ? Denver Campus Only ScholarshipColorado Technical UniversityG$2,000A Master?s level degree with a Concentration in Project ManagementColorado Technical University – Online Division Only ScholarshipColorado Technical UniversityU$2,000Project Management relatedThe Matthew H. Parry Memorial ScholarshipProject Management InstituteU$2,000Project Management relatedThe PMI Founders ScholarshipProject Management InstituteG$2,000Project Management relatedPMI Jenny Strbiak Memorial Fellows ScholarshipProject Management InstituteU/G$2,000Project Management relatedPMI Washington, DCChapter ScholarshipPMI Washington, DC ChapterU/G$2,000Project ManagementThe Robert J. YourzakScholarship AwardPMI Minnesota ChapterU/G$1,800Project Management RelatedPMI NEO Leadership Institute ScholarshipPMI Northeast Ohio ChapterU$1,500Project Management (two scholarships)PMI Tulsa Chapter ScholarshipPMI Tulsa ChapterU/G$1,250Project Management(two scholarships)PMI Kansas City Mid-America Chapter ScholarshipKansas City Mid-America ChapterU/G$1,250Project Management(two scholarships)PMI Portland Chapter ScholarshipPMI Portland ChapterU/G$1,000Project Management relatedPMI Central Florida Chapter ScholarshipPMI Central Florida ChapterU/G$1,000Project ManagementPMI Eastern Iowa Chapter ScholarshipPMI Eastern Iowa ChapterU$1,000Project Manag

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