Project Management Students: Apply to velkr0 via Flickr. (Creative Commons). If you are one, you should be applying or a scholarship.

  • Students at college – High school seniors, students at the masters, doctoral, and bachelors levels, who are studying project management or related fields, are eligible for our college scholarships.
  • Teachers and administrators – Primary and Secondary school teachers and administrators who want to implement project-based learning in their classrooms
  • Non-Profits – Employees of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), who want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations

I submitted a scholarship application and wrote a paper to support my application when I returned to school to get a degree as Project Management. It was a great experience, even though I didn’t win. I also know that the other candidates put a lot of effort into their applications. You shouldn’t be bitter that you are surrounded with smarter people than you. As a project manager, you want everyone around to be smarter than yourself. These are great opportunities for Project Management students! I know that I have had many conversations with you, who also work for non-profits. This is a great opportunity to get some training in project management and to help you organize the chaos that comes with running a non-profit. I was seated next to a great man on the plane returning from the PMI NA Global Congress last years. He was involved in a rehabilitation non profit doing great work. I began talking with him about project management concepts and how they could help him solve some of his operational problems. (He did ask me what I did, and then he showed interest in my story. It wasn’t my fault! You have 3 weeks to go before the deadline for June 1, 2010. These awards are significant and can help you pay for your degree or to implement programs that teach non-profit employees about project management.

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