Recurring Tasks can simplify your job

Spend less time creating tasks
This update contains a huge feature that deserves a major release. ActiveCollab now creates tasks for your team automatically using recurring tasks. These are tasks that you create frequently. What are recurring tasks?
If you offer the same services every week/month, or want to streamline routine tasks within your company, recurring tasks are ideal. Daily standup meeting
Monthly progress meeting
Client meeting
Server maintenance
Consult a lawyer to review contracts
Filing a tax return
Every week, check out the team’s performance
Check out A/B tests
Social media performance
Revisit subscriptions
Each week, publish a blog post
Each month, send a newsletter
Every Monday, create a project report
Backup every week
Unpaid invoices can be checked
Pay your office bills
Invoice work at month’s end
To keep in touch, contact a client
Reports on SEO and AdWords
Make your homepage more current
Recurring tasks can also be used as templates. You can create a recurring profile called “New employee Onboarding”, disallow recurrence and create subtasks for all the tasks that need to be completed. You can then create a task from this recurring profile when you hire a new worker. How to Create a Recurring Task
First create a regular task and then open it to see the details. Next, click “Make a Recurring Task” in the task options dropdown (…). The task options dropdown (…) will open and you will be able to assign people and set other details. Other Important Features
Quick Jump – Instantly open any ActiveCollab part or project by pressing CMD+K on Mac or CTRL+K on Windows.
Exact Date & Time on Comments – hover your mouse over the comment that was posted and you will see the exact date and time in a few seconds.
Leave a comment if you have a creative or productive way of using recurring tasks. We would love to hear your creative or productive use of recurring tasks!

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