Research Firm Predicts that ‘AWS+1 will be the default strategy

Today, 451 Research predicted that “AWS+1” – the use of Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS cloud) and a secondary public service cloud — would be the default enterprise cloud strategy for 2017.
The AWS re-Invent conference in Las Vegas was used by the research firm to promote its 2017 Trends in Cloud Transformation report. This report includes the emergence AWS+1 as an operational principle.
The firm released a statement saying that hybrid cloud services will see the rise of brokerages to offer the right combination of offerings to suit different needs. Or, customers will look elsewhere for services.
451 stated that such a blended cloud strategy would provide multiple benefits for both cloud providers and users. It will create new revenue streams for the former. It will help users to support fiduciary responsibility, and ensure that companies aren’t subject to vendor lock-in.
The company stated that AWS+1 will become an operating principle in 2017. This will open up opportunities for cloud management platforms suppliers that can combine, integrate, and control multiple services. IT departments will become service brokers for their organizations by making it easier to find and use services. This will allow them to concentrate on digital transformation strategies and business innovation, rather than just keeping the lights on. It can also reduce costs — 451 Research’s Cloud Price Index recently revealed that enterprises can cut their direct cloud spending by as much as 74% using a multi-cloud strategy.

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