Roles and Responsibilities Over a Real RACI

The RACI matrix can be used to help identify roles and responsibilities. The RACI matrix does not serve as an ITIL model. It is widely used in project management and other management areas. The RACI matrix’s main purpose is to clearly and easily explain who is responsible for what.
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This helps to eliminate conflicts arising from roles and responsibilities, and to ensure that everyone involved in the project/process knows what he or she is doing.
RACI is an acronym that delineates roles and responsibilities

Responsible is the abbreviation used in the RACI matrix. Responsible roles are those that are responsible for the execution of a service, process, or task. Responsible people do the work to accomplish a task.
The abbreviation A stands for Accountable. The role of accountable is the one that ultimately takes responsibility for an activity. For example, the process owner is responsible for a process while the service owner is responsible for a service. However, accountability does not necessarily mean that the person performing the role is responsible for the activity. He is ultimately responsible for the activity. An activity can only be managed by one person.
C stands for Consulted in the abbreviation. As a subject matter expert, a consulted role is one that involves the task. These people are not directly involved with the activity. They can however provide inputs that will allow the responsible person to complete the task more efficiently.
I stands for Informed in the abbreviation. Informed roles must be kept up-to-date on the status of the task. They receive outputs from a process and are kept informed about progress. They are usually only informed once the task or deliverable is complete. Unless there is a serious problem that prevents the task from progressing or fails to deliver, they are usually not informed.
An example of the RACI matrix in practice
To make the concept more understandable, it is better to show an example of RACI matrix.

This RACI matrix shows that there are three activities in the first column, namely activities 103, 105, and 214. Each activity has four roles. It is possible for a person to have more than one role in an activity.
Let’s take Activity 105 from the RACI matrix. Let’s say that this activity is a scheduled deployment of a new release to a live environment within an IT service provider. This project involves four people. They are the IT Director, the Service Owner and the Change Manager. Each one of them is assigned a letter from RACI matrix acronym for activity 105.
Role of the Change Manager
In this example, the Change manager is assigned the letters A and R. This indicates that the Change manager is responsible for this activity. He will be responsible for the new release deployment in a live environment. He is also the ultimate responsible for this activity.
Role of the IT Service Manager
The letter I assigned to the IT Service Director in this RACI matrix has been sent to him. This means that he will receive information about this activity. He will be notified when a release is deployed to the live environment. Or when new plans are made for new deployments.
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Role of the Service Owner
The letters I and C are assigned to the Service Owner. This means that he will receive information and be consulted about this.

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