Since Your Last Visit

You did not miss an alert for an incoming asteroids. All is well. Your business must be aware of all the information available. It won’t cause flash floods or asteroid impacts if you miss an important piece of information from your team’s discussion forum. However, you might feel the same frustration. We all know that this is not how running a business should feel. So, our designers went to the drawing board. We wanted to make it easy to be notified of new comments in a discussion without having to remember what you read. We want you to be able immediately to catch up without having to go through the conversation history or look at timestamps. ActiveCollab doesn’t want you to do that. ActiveCollab wants you to be able to keep your collaborative environment as fluid and efficient as possible.
All comments that have been added since your last visit to a task will be highlighted. The highlight will appear on any new comments that have appeared since your last visit. The highlight disappears when you have read the last comment. This is your chance to optimize your workflow and make sure that you are focusing on the important information.

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