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This was sent to me by the PMI Information Systems SIG. Rufino asked me if I could post it. Rufino needs your help if you are an IT project manager!
Research Study: A Correlational Analysis Of Project Management Processes And Information Systems Project Performance
Dear Research Participant
As a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix I am currently working on a dissertation that involves an in-depth study. Your input is crucial for me to complete my research. You are an IT project manager. Your response would be greatly appreciated.
You are part of the Research Study Team – By shareski via Flickr
The study examines the relationship between project performance, the adoption of project management and system development processes. Your anonymity and all information you provide will be kept confidential. University of Phoenix’s policy of confidentiality will not be violated. In the published reports or data analyses of the study, your name and that for your employer will not be revealed. If you are uncomfortable with the process, you can always stop the survey at any time.
The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes. The survey will remain open until June 15, 2009. Please click on the link to begin the survey or copy it into your browser.
[Note:? [Note: Link expired, survey is now closed]
You must be at least 18 years old to take part in the study. Your completion of the survey is your voluntary consent. You will also acknowledge that you have read the study’s terms and that your identity will not be disclosed. While there may not be any direct benefit for you, you can be certain that your participation will lead to improvements in IT project management practices and the profession. The research results could also lead to new ways of managing projects and increase the chance of success.
Thank you for your valuable time in completing the survey and assisting me in my academic endeavor.Cordially,Rufino A. Prensa FelizDoctoral CandidateDoctor of Management in Organizational Leadership University of Phoenix

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