The Mysteries of Microsoft Office 365: This webinar will help to understand the differences between Office 365 in the cloud and on your computer. Find out when to use which one. Have you ever wondered what SharePoint and OneDrive should be used for? Is it possible for PowerBi Desktop to be used? Or should you subscribe to the PowerBI Service. What is Delve? What is Flow? How can you use it to your advantage?

Greg Lutes

Greg has been a technical trainer and consultant for over twenty years. Greg is an expert on many types of desktop and server software. He is a recognized expert on SharePoint and Office 365 technologies. His calm demeanor and passion for technology combined with his practical knowledge enable him to deliver engaging and productive learning experiences to all who attend. What you will learn about Office 365 Cloud vs Office 365 on your PC (Office 2019), PowerBI Desktop vs PowerBI Service Sharing a PowerBI Report. What is SharePoint Modern Experience? What is the “Modern Experience”? How can you use it Similar Courses: Office 365 End User TrainingOffice 365 For End Users – Level 2 / AdvancedPower BI Foundations End Users – 2016.

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