The Resource Allocation Riddle

The Rubiks cube, a remarkable toy, is amazing. A Hungarian architect invented the Rubiks cube to explain 3-dimensional geometry. We think that managing project resources is very similar.
It can feel like a Rubik’s cube trying to find the right combinations at the right moment. You may think you have the right twist, but you soon realize you don’t.
Familiar challenges?
Project resources can be scarce, diverse, and always changing. This makes it difficult to decide how to allocate them to different projects.
It becomes even more complicated when you consider the additional difficulty of managing internal resources and subcontractors that can be costly, as well as keeping track of the skills and certifications required for the job.
This is before you consider where your current resources are located. Is it a good idea to use a resource in one location when it would be more cost-effective to use someone closer to the project?

To manage your resources effectively, it is crucial to have complete visibility into your people, projects, and what they are doing. It is not a good idea to have valuable resources sitting on the sidelines.
How can you plan to allocate resources for projects further down the line if you don’t have visibility into the current situation? Visibility is key to success. Success means that your projects are delivered on-time and within budget. This makes your customers happy, and it’s great for you!
The Formula Learn the five essential elements of resource management and how you can achieve them.
Crystal clear visibility
Enviable engagement
Seamless mobility
Creative collaboration
Social everywhere
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