Top 10 Sample Questions for AWS Solutions Architecture Certification Exam

1. Introduction
Cloud computing presents many opportunities to grow your career in IT. There are many opportunities, but there is a large skill gap in the onboarding industry that has resulted in many companies losing millions of dollars every year. Organizations are searching for cloud professionals who can help them deliver their projects successfully.
AWS is an Amazon subsidiary that offers cloud storage services. This solution is available in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
An Amazon certification certifies that a candidate is capable of managing Amazon Web Services (AWS). An Amazon certification verifies a candidate’s ability run AWS processes, implement instructions, and best practice over the project’s life cycle. Learning is more trustworthy and secure when learners demonstrate their cloud knowledge using industry-recognized certificates. Organizations can then identify qualified experts to manage AWS cloud initiatives. Associate-level certifications can lead to higher salaries and better career opportunities.
These questions and answers are designed to help you prepare for the AWS Solution architect certification exam.
2. Asking Questions
A company is migrating an app to its AWS environment. The company must deploy up to 40 instances that are m4.4xlarge. What should a Cloud engineer do before launching the instances
a. Before launching new instances, increase the service limit via AWS Trusted Advisor. Send AWS Support a request to increase the service limit. Please specify the instance type and region. Before initiating the request to start the instances, reserve 40 Elastic IP addresses. Update the instance count in AWS Service Catalog default service limit
A company recently expanded its AWS infrastructure to support its public website in two regions. To better serve Asia’s growing demand, US East (Ohio), and ASIA Pacific(Mumbai) were added. What should the SysOps administrator do to ensure users are directed to the most performing region?
a. Configure AWS WAF for users from Asia to redirect to the website using a third party geolocation serviceb. Configure the Application Load Balancingr on the webserver to redirect the user from faraway to the website closer to themc. Migration to Route53 latency records for the websited. Amazon Route53 geo proximity routing is used to direct users from Asia to the website
SysOps administrators have an Amazon EC2 instance that uses IPv6. Which VPC feature allows an instance to communicate with internet but blocks inbound traffic?
a. NAT Gatewayb. NAT Instancesc. Egress-only internet gateway. d. Internet Gateway
An Organization has set up a file gateway to store copies of users’ Amazon S3 drives. An Administrator discovers that most files are not accessed for 45 days after they have been analyzed. What is the best way for Administrators to reduce storage costs and still allow users access to files?
a. To move files older than 45 calendar days to the Amazon Glacier storage classb, create a lifecycle policy. To move files older than 45 calendar days to the Infrequent Access storage categoryc, create a lifecycle policy. To ensure that all files are saved, enable versioning on the S3 bucket. To limit access to newer files (files created in less than 45 calendar days), create a bucket policy.
After implementing an AWS Deployment in multiple regions for all,
Production infrastructure, what would an Amazon Route 53 feature do to minimize response time for customers?
a. Hosted zones for certain regionsb Health checks with DNS failover.c. Geolocation routingd. Latency-based routing
A development team is moving a Ruby-based web app to AWS. Once the application is operational, it must be easy to scale and require no environment.

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