Top 12 Reasons to Become a TOGAF Certified Professional in 2022

TOGAF (The Open Group Architectural Framework), is a well-known enterprise architecture framework that was created in 1995 by the Open Group. It can be described as a “simplifier” or “simplifier”. Simplifiers can simplify complicated technical processes. Many developers and technical leaders are becoming TOGAF certified to master enterprise architecture principles. Get certified in TOGAF to ensure your career as an architect or senior architect.
12 Reasons to Get a TOGAF Certificate in 2022
1. Enterprise Architecture is in high demand
For organizations to succeed, IT technology and architecture must be integrated. Top-tier companies are seeking professionals with TOGAF certification in order to plan and manage their enterprise architecture. This will help them achieve short-term and longer-term goals.
2. Understanding a common language
TOGAF certified professionals share a common knowledge base and expertise in the same field. It makes it easy for individuals to quickly identify business needs. Organizations will find it a great advantage to use the same vocabulary that is established within the framework.
3. Two-Level Approach:
There are two stages to the TOGAF enterprise architecture exam. The Foundation stage is the foundation, while certification is the second. This staged approach allows professionals the opportunity to first acquire foundation knowledge and then become certified in it. After passing both levels, they can become TOGAF certified professionals.
4. Budget-friendly Certification:
TOGAF 9 certification is affordable. Although the certification cost may be as low at $320 for the foundation exam, that is only for the foundation level exam. You can sign up for both exams for $495. Training in TOGAF(r), even with the additional costs, will be a great investment in your future.
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5. Higher pay scale
To achieve a higher salary, you should seek out TOGAF(r) certification. This will allow you to significantly increase your career and your salary. PayScale shows that the average salary of TOGAF(r), certified professionals is more than $80,000 You can make even more with experience.6 You can find new opportunities

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