Top Skills to Become an Awesome AWS Professional

AWS is the most widely used Cloud platform in the world. AWS has been trusted by millions of customers to improve their infrastructure and application. AWS is used by businesses of all sizes and types to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and innovate faster. Amazon Web Services is also known as AWS. Amazon created it to be a cloud computing platform that would allow other businesses to benefit from their reliable IT infrastructure. AWS is an option for running web apps and portals for organizations in many different situations.

A small manufacturing company may be able to focus on its growth by producing high-quality products and outsource IT administration to AWS. A major corporation may use AWS to provide training for its employees. AWS can be used by architecture consulting firms to obtain high-resolution renderings for its building prototypes. AWS can be used by media companies to deliver a variety of content to their customers, including movies, ebooks, audio files, and other multimedia.
AWS Professionals Need to Have the Following Skills
AWS professionals must have certain skills to be able to stand out on the market. These skills should not be the same as Joey Tribbiani acting skills, but Monica Gellar cooking skills.

AWS professionals must be able to understand the following:
1. Cloud Technology: A fundamental understanding of cloud patterns and technologies is essential to master any cloud computing platform. The computing cloud must not be confused with the monsoon cloud, which reminds you of rain and fritters. First, you must understand cloud technology and how it has changed the market.
2. Coding Skills: We’re not talking about programming when we speak about the AWS Cloud Practitioner profile. A lot of AWS jobs require coding expertise and knowledge. I recommend that you have a basic understanding of JSON and node.js Java or Python, but any programming language will do, as all programming languages work in the same way.
3. Communication is key to excelling in your career, and AWS is no exception. It doesn’t matter what AWS professional’s design is, if he/she cannot communicate it to other engineers and managers, or experts. You must learn how to communicate your ideas to your team via email, papers, and presentations. This will help them believe that your approach is the best. Learn to present clearly and concisely, and use an infographic tool for complex situations. An infographic slide is always more interactive than multiple slides with many bullet points.
4. Database: Many businesses are moving to the cloud or adopting databases. It is important to have a basic understanding about DBMS systems like SQL, MySQL, and other. You will need to have some knowledge of database technology if you want to become an expert. It is also beneficial to have knowledge and experience with both relational and non-relational on-premise databases.
5. Data Storage: Every AWS professional must know how to store data on the cloud. You must be able choose when to use which of the many data storage options available to you when working with AWS. It is important to compare the different capabilities, performance, prices, and to choose the best way to store data for your organization. You have the option of choosing from simple, but powerful, bucket storage with S3 to Relational Database Service, (RDS), or full-fledged Hadoop Clusters for your data storage requirements.

6. Networking: Since all activities on a cloud platform include networking it is important to network.

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