Top Tools to Become a Penetrating Tester

Penetration Testers are also known as White Hat Hackers or Pen Testers. They are attackers who have been granted permission to attack networks or systems by organizations. A Penetration tester is an expert in ethical hacking and uses various techniques and tools for penetration of the system just like an attacker and hacker. They simulate attacks on computers and networks in order to identify and fix vulnerabilities in their web and IT infrastructure. The Penetration Tester creates a detailed report detailing what he did and the flaws that he discovered. This is then given to the senior manager of the organization so that they can address those issues and make improvements.

Why do we need a penetration tester?
The demand for Penetration Testers has been increasing steadily. Penetration testers are employed by the organization to improve or enhance its information security. Penetration testers can protect an organization’s networks, applications, systems, and users from external and internal attacks. Penetration testers are needed by organizations to protect against cyber-attacks and protect company finances.
Top Penetration Testing Tools
Nmap: Nmap can be used to network discover, map networks, or perform security audits. Nmap is an open source tool.
Wireshark: Wireshark can be used to analyze network traffic around the globe. It can be used on Windows, Linux and Solaris as well as FreeBSD and many other operating systems.
Metasploit is a powerful exploiting tool. It is the most powerful penetration testing tool and checks for known vulnerabilities on servers and networks. It can be used to scan data or exploit browsers.
Burp Suite: This is used primarily to track and trace servers and client responses. This platform is popular for security tests and is useful for web application testing. This tool can be used to attack services, initial mapping and application analysis, as well as finding exploits. It is easy to set up.
John the Ripper: This open-source password cracking tool is designed to reveal weak passwords in a particular system.
SQLmap: SQLmap can be used to scan your database. SQLmap is useful to identify vulnerabilities in your database.
Hashcat: Hashcat, the fastest and most effective password recovery tool, is Hashcat. It can be used for legal or illegal purposes and supports different operating systems and cracking networks.
Invicit (formerly Netsparker), is a web security scanner tool that detects and prevents vulnerabilities in web applications. It exploits vulnerabilities found by the latest scanning technology to help you find them.
Aircrackng: Penetration Testers use Aircrackng to secure their wireless networks. It is the best tool for WiFi security auditing and analysis.
Kali Linux: Kali Linux can also be called the operating system for hackers. It contains several tools that are carefully chosen to help you perform various penetration testing activities such as cracking passwords, sniffing, and digital forensics.
Hydra: Hydra can be used to crack passwords and test connections across multiple protocols simultaneously.
Nessus is security testing software that runs in an automatic mode. It is one of the most efficient vulnerability scanners available. Its specialties include compliance audits, sensitive data searches and IP scans.
Social-Engineering Toolkit: Also known as the SET toolkit. SET prevents human error and protects against social engineering threats.
Ettercap: It’s an open-source security tool that scans LANs for man-in the-middle attacks. Ettercap is open-source and allows for

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