Understanding Kubernetes Networking Kubernetes automates container management. Container orchestration can be so complex that it is nearly impossible to manually manage containers. Container orchestration has many components. Networking is the most complicated. This webinar will explain how k8s perform IP networking and service discovery. These two components are crucial to the delivery of microservices. We will discuss how kubernetes carries the cloud networking burden and then what it takes to get CKAD/CKA certifications.

Stuart Feeser

Stuart has been in the datacomm/telecomm industry for 35 years. Stuart spends his time researching the latest technology and providing consulting and training services based on his research. Stuart is a skilled technical professional with a unique ability to make complex concepts understandable. This webinar will show you how Kubernetes performs IP networking and service discovery. These are two of the most critical components for delivering microservices. What you need to do to earn the CKAD/CKA certifications. Courses related: Kubernetes Boot Camp Python Essentials Certified OpenStack Administrator

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