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4 Beautiful Sights Not to Be Missed While Travelling to Italy Whenever one plans to travel to Europe, Italy will always be the highlight as it is amazingly beautiful. From the blue Mediterranean Sea to the spectacular Alps, Italy has got almost everything to offer to International tourists. While travelling to Italy, few things are not to be missed at any cost.
The Roman Colosseum: The Roman Colosseum is the original home to extreme games. The ghosts of gladiators can almost be heard chasing the swords, signing the multi-drama contracts there with the agents. If you consider the senseless violent acts that occurred here, the Roman Colosseum would seem a grim and spectacular place. It is as beautiful as today’s beauty pageants.

Italian Alps: When you visit the Italian Alps during your voyage Italie, you might think that these are not real mountains. You might feel that some Hollywood company has created the background by putting together posters, so that they can impress the tourists. Jokes apart! These mountains are real in actual fact. They are so beautiful and they are beyond one’s imaginations. One thing that is amazing over there is Hannibal, which has surprised the Romans! Hannibal brought elephants across or through the Alps. Anyways, whatever be it, the Alps are awesome as scenery and look amazingly beautiful. If you had a chance to visit, don’t miss to see the Alps with naked eyes.

Florence: Your visit to Florence will make you interested in arts even if you have no interest in art already. A walk on the footsteps of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael can change your life forever.
Venice: Venice is a romantic city and many of the movies were set and shot in Venice. The streets of Venice are waterways and this city is sinking gradually into the Adriatic Sea.
The Vatican: Rich art, history, architecture and sheer aura of Vatican is amazing and has the power to leave anybody speechless. The museums there give a proof about the art and history of the place. The Vatican gardens are a must visit. The Vatican City is the smallest state recognized internationally with a very small population and area wise too.

France: It is also known as the Wine Country. However, the folks there won’t admit that the Italian wines are equally good or even better sometimes than their French counterparts. One should take a tour to enjoy the tastings of all after seeing the patience and craftsmanship, which goes into the making of fine wines. These can also be purchased and brought back home.
Italy is known as the home for the American ex patriots. They considered Italy more than other countries. You might not want to come back if you stay there for a longer period of time and might fall in love with the place. So, it is better to be prepared and warned in advance that you should proceed cautiously with what is in mind.
Author Bio – Joseph Christopher loves to travel a lot. He has a dream to try all types of cuisine available worldwide. He loves to write about his travel experiences and share them with people through his blogs. He does all his travel bookings online well in advance to save a good deal of money.
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