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The Pros and Cons of Work with Animals Since time immemorial humans have worked with the assistance of and alongside animals. From hunting and early agriculture to the service animals today, jobs that involve work with animals are very popular amongst our society.
What The History Has To Say
For many centuries humans have trained and domesticated big animals like elephants, oxen, elephants, cows and buffaloes etc. for agricultural and other heavy tasks like farming and poultry etc. Back in Roman times, doctors who treated humans would often treat injured or sick animals too.The concept of “veterinarians” was not established back then. Also, humans have domesticated dogs and cats for the purpose of companionship. Work with animals has always been rewarding in some way or the other.
Significance Of Animals In Work
Work with animals is not casual business rather a very significant area of work. Animals such as dogs have a very strong sense of smell and sight in comparison to humans and they are often used in work for identifying various scents and chemicals. Some other animals are often used in pharmaceutical and medical research and experimentation for the development of treatments and drugs. And then not to forget that dogs and cats and other pet animals provide companionship to humans.
A job that involves work with animals is a very satisfying way of interacting with nature, doing what you love and at the same time getting paid to do it. There are a variety of jobs which involve animals. Some involve training them, caring for their needs both medical and psychological and some might involve medical or scientific research and interaction with people who own pets.
Being An Animal Trainer Is Not A Piece Of Cake
The greatest benefit of work with animals for animal lovers is that animal trainers get to work on or with animals every day. They generally work away from the typical desk office sitting. They get to work in barns, kennels, zoos etc. Professional animal trainers also derive immense emotional satisfaction in their work with animals. Especially those trainers who work with animals like horses which help people with special needs in their work. It is also an industry which rapidly grows. As most of the trainers are self-employed, they get to choose their own working hours, the animals they want to work with and the places they want to visit or not visit.  With only a high school diploma or any diploma equivalent to it, animal trainers earn relatively good. They earn an hourly wage of approximately $14.67.
As rewarding as it is, it can also be dangerous. While working with animals it can get difficult to determine what they might do and how they feel. Animal trainers also suffer bites, scratches and other injuries which might sometimes even get serious. Animals like horses can also kick trainers leading to fractures sometimes. This job is also very physically exhaustive and demanding and can be difficult for a person who is not fit physically. Finding clients and running your own business in order to generate income which is sustainable can sometimes be very stressful.
Veterinarians: A Drilling But Immensely Satisfying Job!
Veterinarians are people who care for the health of animals. They treat, research, and diagnose diseases and medical conditions of livestock, pets, and animals in laboratories, racetracks and zoos.
The two major advantages of becoming a veterinarian are job security and job availability. There is a rising demand of veterinarians. Veterinarians can decide their working hours, the number of animals you want to see in a day, the type of animals you would like to treat, the place of work etc.
Your day is spent working with animals, treating them and keeping them healthy. Most pet owners are nice people who trust you with their pets and want only the best for their pets. Not to overlook the amount of money they are willing to shell out just to keep their pets happy and healthy. Work with animals also gives you immense emotional and mental satisfaction.
There is scope for creative and flexible thinking as and when presented with a trying and tough situation.
But then there are some days when you might be stuck with work for say 18 hours straight and work on even holidays.
Whatever said and done, jobs that involve work with animals help you in evolving as humans, widens your mental horizon and gives you job satisfaction.
Author Bio
Venessa Lane is an avid blogger and loves to write a variety of genres. She took up work with animals ever since she was young and this is what inspired her to write this blog.
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Orlando Travel Guide – Details about Orlando Tourist Attractions Therefore, you will find numerous places from adventurous to thrilling excitements all over Orlando and throughout the year. All around the year organizers schedule calendar events which gives boost to tourism in the city and around. The beauty as well as the famous theme parks and facilities have added to the attraction to the fame of the City of Orlando. There are around 95 theme parks. One has to be active to visit Orlando as there is lot of things to do. Besides, the famous Walt Disney World, there are other Orlando Tourist attractions like Universal Studio, Ripley’s believe it or Not Museum, Kennedy Space Center, Disney MGM Studios, etc.
Wildlife adventure lovers can visit to world famous Sea World Orlando, Discovery Cove and Gatorland. There are Orlando tourist attractions for the night like Cirque de Soleil’s Nouba , Orlando Magic Games, range of dinner theatres. One can even buy or look for free publications of I Love Orlando Magazine as an Orlando travel Guide. There is even information available on the websites. There is also an official website on Visit Orlando. Here you will find almost all the valuable information about the Orlando and its surroundings.
You will find daytime attractions like Fantasy of flight, Wonderworks, Gatorland, Jurassic park, etc. You can even enjoy helicopter rides, airboat rides, bungee- jumping, everglades underwater hot air- ballooning. There is also one famous tourist attraction called Busch garden Tampa Baywhich can be added along with Sea World. You will find waters as high as 4 – 6 foot across the current waves. There are attractions like Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, etc. Kids too have major things to enjoy and play with the live Disney characters and opportunity to buy products as well as take autographs of their favorite cartoon characters.
They can also enjoy with lot of bumper car racing activities. There is Disney’s Broadwalk which is like small cottage village for dining, shopping and nightclubs. There is famous ESPN Sports Club where visitors can enjoy sports and feel the difference in the live experience than a television experience. And more facility to available for tourist best tourist.
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