What to write in PMP Application Project Descriptions

Are you suffering from writer’s block Are you unsure what to write for the PMP(r), Application Project Description?
We have five PMP(r), Application examples from past students who passed the PMI screening. Have a look at the following:
Example 1: Since 2009, I have been running a windows cleaning company. I created my business plan, marketing materials (flyers and lawn signs, door hangers, etc.) and drafted it. I registered my business and secured funding. I interviewed and managed 2-4 employees from May to August. I guided them through the tasks and made sure they did a great job. I managed their hours, schedules, and pay. I maintained a good working relationship with clients by responding promptly to inquiries and concerns.
Example 2: This project was designed for urban planners and construction builders. This planning system was built using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). My roles included defining the project scope and creating the project plan. I also created the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and made sure the project ran on time. To ensure a good working relationship, I reached out to clients to collect their requirements and to get their feedback. I organized a review meeting at the conclusion of the project to discuss lessons learnt.
Example 3: This project was used to help life insurance companies calculate the benefit ratings of new applicants, particularly for corporate employees. I created the project WBS, and ensured that enough resources were available for each phase. To ensure that the project was on time, I kept track of its progress. To ensure quality, I also participated in the review of the project. I worked with clients to collect their requirements, manage their interests, maintain good relationships, and keep them informed.
Example 4: I collaborated with four other consultants to create and deliver a comprehensive plan for carbon management. We focused on the regulatory environment and carbon-reducing technology. Cost/benefit analysis was also important. My responsibilities included drafting the project charter to be approved by BP, determining the scope of project with the client and delivering interim presentations. I also researched renewable technology.
Example 5: I organized the annual case competition with a team consisting of five people. My responsibilities included writing the case, assigning tasks, ensuring on time food delivery, and managing judges and participants’ expectations. I created the project timeline and made sure everything ran on time. I divided the budget among decor, food prizes, decorations, and gifts for judges. I held a review meeting at end to discuss improvements and gave the summary documents, along with the lessons learned, to the new organizers.
When describing your experiences, it is important to use terms from PMBOK(r). Be sure to use terms from all five process groups. Here’s a list that will help you get started:
InitiatingDevelop project charter; Identify risks, assumptions and constraints; Identify stakeholders, Define high-level scope; Perform project assessmentPlanningPresent project plan to stakeholders; Develop project schedule, budget, and other management plans; Develop WBS; Define scope; Prepare project plansExecutingCommunicate with stakeholders; Implement approved changes; Execute tasks defined in the project plan; Obtain and manage resourcesMonitoring & ControllingAssess results of corrective action; Ensure quality standards are met; Manage changes to scope, schedule, and budget; Measure project performanceClosingArchive documents; Measure customer satisfaction; Obtain administrative closure; Document lessons learned; Obtain final acceptance of deliverablesClick here for the full tutorial on how to fill in your PMP(r) application.
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