When will you receive notification that you have been selected for a PMI audit?

Your application for PMP(r), which is the PMI’s program for evaluating applicants, has a chance of being selected for an audit in the range of 5% to 10%. PMI doesn’t release the exact number of applicants who are audited so no one can be certain.
You must print your audit forms if you are selected to audit. You must then get the contact persons you have listed on your application signed these forms.
PMI does not accept digital signatures. Your managers must sign the audit documents. PMI does not accept original signatures so you will need to send the signed documents by snail mail.
It can be difficult if you have moved or changed jobs. It can be difficult to get in touch with your ex-managers.
If you live in different areas, you will need to send your managers the audit forms. Then wait for them to return it to you by snail mail with their signatures. Once you have all your audit forms compiled, you can send it as an attachment to PMI.
Learn more about the PMI audit and what you can do here.
When will you receive notification that your application has been selected for an audit?
After you submit your payment, you will find out if you have been selected for an audit. The PMI system will randomly decide if your application will be reviewed or not.
PMI’s policies do state that they reserve the right to audit you at any time. This is almost never happening – it would require a very special circumstance for PMI to enforce this policy.
It is safe to assume that if you wait two minutes and don’t receive an email confirming that you have been selected for an audit, you won’t be audited.
Why does PMI inspect candidates?
PMI randomly audits candidates to make sure the experiences they share in their applications are true.
If you are selected to audit and your contact person doesn’t sign your audit form PMI will assume you have lied about you experiences and you will not be eligible for the PMP(r).
Before you submit your application, it is important that you reach out to your managers and ensure that they are happy with the information you have included.
What can I do to lower my chances of being audited?
No. It is completely random.
It is a good idea to contact all your contacts (or managers) before you submit your application. Make sure they are comfortable with the hours you are claiming for the audit.
This will ensure that you don’t have to be afraid if you are selected to audit.

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