JUST UPDATED – HP’s Big Data Sales Certificate

HP is well-known for its sales certifications. This company is well-known for its sales certifications. It knows that just creating a great product does not make it great. You also need to train salespeople to market it, and close the deals. Big data is a popular buzzword in tech today and it’s an iconic solution. These two factors are combined to give you the most recent HP certification update: Vertica Big Data Platform 2016 version HP Sales Certified – Vertica.
This certification validates your skills and shows that you can position the HP Vertica Big Data Platform in a way that is most appropriate for customer needs. This certification validates your knowledge of customer pain points and business drivers, and also allows you to understand analyst reports and case studies. It also allows you to communicate the business value of HP Big Data solutions. This HP certification teaches flexibility in sales and the ability overcome objections.
This certification is primarily for sales reps looking to work in the Big Data market. Candidates must pass the HP2-N63 exam to be eligible for this certification.
These are the objectives of your exam:
Explain the HP Vertica Big Data Platform value proposition, product messaging in Big Data market
Describe the various types of data Big Data solutions store.
Describe Vertica Big Data Platform’s value proposition and key distinguishing factors.
Demonstrate awareness about Vertica Big Data Platform competitors on the Big Data Market
Differentiate Vertica BigData Platform from legacy data warehouses and analytics technologies
Differentiate Vertica Big Data Platform compared to other Big Data solutions
Describe Vertica Big Data Platform positioning in relation to Hadoop.
Learn more about Vertica Big Data Platform buyers & decision makers
Describe how Vertica Big Data Platform can be positioned with different decision-makers in an opportunity.
HP Vertica Big Data Platform Use Cases
Identify the most suitable business applications for Vertica BigData Platform implementation.
Big Data Market Glossary
Describe the Big Data market terminology and concepts.
Are you still unsure what Big Data really means?
Big data refers to data sets that are so large and complex that traditional data processing tools are not able to handle them. Analyse, capture, data curation and search are all challenges. This term is often used to refer to advanced methods of extracting value from data. It rarely applies to a specific data set. Accuracy in big-data may help you make more confident decisions. Better decisions can lead to greater operational efficiency, cost reduction, and lower risk. Vertica Big Data Platform by HP is a popular big data solution for businesses and enterprises around the world.

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