New FileMaker 14 Platform Certification Testing

FileMaker Pro users need to be certified. This certification puts you in a superior position and allows you to stay current with the latest FileMaker technologies. FileMaker Certification will allow you to earn more. You can use the FileMaker Certification logo for your business cards and website. This certification will prove to potential employers and clients that you are an expert in FileMaker business solutions.
Candidates must pass the “Developer essentials for FileMaker 14 Exam” to become certified. It consists of 61 multiple-choice questions and takes 2 hours. The exam costs 150$ in the USA and Canada, while prices vary in other countries. Pearson VUE testing centers are available around the globe. You can book your test online:
These are the Exam objectives:
– Ability to describe FileMaker Pro14 technical specifications and FileMaker Server 14.
– Knowledge of Database Schema – Auto-Entry, Validation and Storage Options, Defining Results and Relationships for Given Graphs and Scenarios, Integration of External Data Sources using ESS, Schema Design;
Layout building skills: layouts and specific events, portals, data relationships, modification and modification of layout objects’ behaviours. Types and attributes of script triggers. Implications of specific trigger types. Use of chart objects. Themes’, object styles, and states’ application. Properties and capabilities. Setup and behaviour of layout components.
– Calculations skills required
– Ability to create scripts and secure FileMaker system;
– Ability to deploy Database Solutions via Server
– Knowledge of Data Integration and Publishing On the Web
– Skills in Development tools, processes
– Knowledge of FileMakerGo – Creation and deployment of databases for iPad or iPhone
You can find the complete FileMaker Exam overview here.
To take the FileMaker exam, you don’t need to have any prior experience. To prepare for FileMaker 14 Exam, it is recommended that you go through the official preparation materials FileMaker Training Series Advanced. The study guide includes nine modules that include demo files, exercises, and videos. It covers all exam topics. The guide is available for purchase at 19.99$ on the website. FileMaker annual subscriptions include a free copy.
FileMaker Training Series: Advanced
You can also get a free FileMaker Training Series called basics. This highlights all the new features and updates in FileMaker 14 Software.
FileMaker Training Series: Basics
Additional useful materials include white papers, technical briefs, and product documentation. These will help you prepare for the exam.
You can find the most recent product documentation here. For the latest product updates, visit the FileMaker Knowledge Base site. When you become a FileMaker community member, technical briefs and whitepapers are free.
The annual FileMaker Developer Conference 2016 is a great opportunity to learn and share your knowledge. This is the largest global gathering for FileMaker developers, corporate and independent, as well as trainers and users. It will be held July 28-31 2016.

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