PMI’s PMP Exam Is Changing! When, Why, What?

PMP Certification is a credential that has maintained its position as one of the most respected professional project management certifications for project managers. The Project Management Institute (PMI) USA has awarded the PMP certification. It is also accredited against the international standard ISO 17024.
Because of the prestige and respect that the PMP certification carries, it is essential for PMI to maintain its credibility. The institute continues to modify the PMP exam content every 3 – 5 years.
We all know that the PMP exam has changed once again. This change is due to an RDS update (Role Delineation Study). Let’s look at the 3 W’s in the changing PMP exam. What, Why, and When?
WHAT is the PMP Exam changing?
According to the PMI update, the PMP exam content will change in January 2016. To be exact, candidates who wish to take the PMP exam according to the current exam format must appear for the exam no later than 11 January 2016. The PMP exam will be modified and incorporate the new changes after this date.
PMI originally announced the date for the above-mentioned change on November 1, 2015. PMI has extended the timeline to allow PMP aspirants ample time to understand the changes and prepare accordingly.
WHY are Modifications being made?
The Role Delineation Study (RDS), which was conducted to validate and assess the PMP exam candidate’s knowledge and skills, has resulted in changes to the exam content. The PMP exam now measures all aspects of project management in real-life scenarios thanks to the RDS update.
What will the changes to the PMP Exam Content look like?
The Five domains of practice, i.e. Initiating, Planning and Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing and Closing, have not been affected by the RDS update. Initiating and Planning, Executing and Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. These domains have eight new tasks.
Below are the domain-wise modifications that were made:
Domain 1: Initiating a Project,Ai 3 Tasks Added,Ai Task 2, Task 7, and Task 8
Domain 2: Planning the Project, Ai 1 Task added, Ai Task 13
Domain 3: Executing Project, Ai 2 Tasks added, Ai Task 6, Task 7.
Domain 4: Monitoring, Controlling, and Controlling the Project, Ai 2 Tasks added, Ai Task 6, Task 7.
Domain 5: Closing of the Project, Ai No new Tasks
Important to note that this change is due to an RDS upgrade and does not bring changes to the PMP exam content outline. The PMBOK Guide has not been updated. The Guide to PMBOK Fifth Edition is still in use and active. It will serve as an important reference for the updated PMP certification examination after January 11, 2016.
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